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@UberFacts Is The Worst Twitter Account Ever

April 11th, 2014 9:53am No comments


Uberfacts is the most ridiculous Twitter account ever. It’s basically a dude with an automated bot who posts the same shitty, idiotic facts in a loop. In this post, I will provide brief commentary on these “facts”

uberstarsStars are living organisms? Idiot.


NO. If you use private browsing and are NOT logged in, how the fuck is Google going to associate the query with your account (unless maybe you’re signed in to the Chrome browser). Yes, they may save search queries by IP, but what is that going to do?


uberscissorsHair? Indestructible? What about scissors…  Idiot.


uberbulbResearch also says that if you shove a lightbulb up your ass and fart, it might just light up – but only if it’s an L.E.D.  Idiot.


uberThis is common sense, assholes. Be a cube monkey for 3 months and you’ll realize anyone who’s successful (read: suits) are conniving, lying, cheating cut-throat docuhebags. So yes, if your kid is a liar, s/he will screw people over and become successful. Idiot.


uberpreggoCorrelation does not prove causation. Show hasn’t even been around that long. Idiot.


uberjapanJapan is fucked up.


uberafricaI’ll give you $5 if you can show me the country of South African on a map. Idiot.

Also, get a load of these contradicting facts:



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