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You’re an Absolute Douchecanoe if you Dress Like This

September 15th, 2014 4:25pm Leave a comment

HuffPo – While we love pinning street style photos of ladies sporting covetable heels and statement clutches, we are also inspired by the men who show up to fashion week dressed to the nines. It’s not so much about who they are wearing, but how they are wearing certain pieces — a guy in a suit he purchased from his local Salvation Army can look like he stepped straight out of a J.Crew catalog with the right amount of styling and confidence. During New York Fashion Week, photographer Melodie Jeng snapped some of the most dapper dudes. And let’s just say that these men mean business.

Photo credit: Melodie Jeng/HPMG

This is what good fashion looks like? No wonder why I want to punch everyone in the face. I’ll be in my ass-struttin’ jeans and a regular t-shirt, sorry that I look homeless. These are exactly the type of assholes that chicks are looking for in a “fall boyfriend.

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