Author: Portfolioso

New Message Board

I have completely redesigned my message board because Brian was posting obscene things about SK (biology teacher) and other things that had to be deleted.

This message board is real and is not a cheap chatboard like the other one. It has many new and exciting features too!!! For example, don’t write anything stupid or else I will block your IP. Another cool feature is that I can post administrative messages. My name will appear in red, and that will be my official post. If the name is not red, the post is counterfeit.

So there!!!! Post Away

“Spring Helping Tour 2003” = Successful

That’s right I am back, how exciting (not). Yes, now that I’m back, I can finally release the big story. I basically cleaned, watched the Yankees, played golf, cleaned some more, played cards with my friend Phil who lives nearby (Check the standings here,) and other useless things that you really wouldn’t care about. Not really a vacation, just sort of a “getting away from my house sort of thingy” (hence it was only 15 miles away, wow big change!!!!!)

As I returned other people (that’s right, not just one) leave which sort of pissed me off because the weather here is shit. Oh and by the way, here is an excerpt from an exact quote that some person posted:I’ll miss you guys that are just coming back as I’m leaving, and to those of you that are staying here…have a fun time haha not.

Ok I’m done. I said what I have to say and will now retire into my dark chamber…

Spring Helping Tour 2003

I will not be home Monday night through Thursday because I am going on the “Spring Helping Tour.” First of all, it has nothing to do with any concert and no one would really know what I am talking about. (Well actually, no. I vaguely told one person, and you know who you are – probably the only one who actually reads this site.) Please Don’t even ask me any other questions.

Therefore, The Useless Junk page will not be updated during my time away.

Launch Of My New Useless Site

That’s right!!!! Brand New!!!!! How Exciting!!!!!

Since I have nothing better to do then to waste my time on this site, I just put this up for no reason!!!