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Miserable UX on and Its Android App

December 27, 2015

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In this blog, I will becalling out for a shitty user experience. Who the hell do you have there as product designers? Let me tell you who. All assholes. Hire me instead because you have to be an absolute idiot to make the decisions they made… Unfortunately, I tried many other weather apps and they pretty much all suck. is one of the better ones.So, let me explain why your shit’s weak. Wizzzeak:


Long Ass Survey

Ain’t got time to fill out this long assed survey.

Saved Locations are different on the Android App and on the Web version. Wut?

What in the actual hell is the point of creating a user account to save locations when they are not the same on the web version and in the Android App?I created an account on the Android App via my Google account and saved some locations. Then I went to and logged in with my Google account. None of the saved locations were there. Plus, the web version is limited to 10 locations. Makes less than 0 sense.

What the hell is this Minus bullshit under manage locations in the checkbox area and why can’t I delete this location?

I literally cannot remove this from my saved locations and have no idea why. I don’t give three shits about LaGuardia Airport. I don’t understand why this got here and why I cannot delete it:


Get the goddamn temperature out of my status bar

I don’t want to see a temperature in my status bar based on your “follow me” feature. No matter what I do, I cannot turn it off, so I need to block notifications for this app on the OS level to get this to disappear. Fix your settings and let me turn this off.

mPoints rewards are a cluttered waste of life

They include this third party mPoints bullshit to “reward you” for using their app. 1) You need to sign up for an account with mPoints and then you’re supposed to get free shit for using the app loyally?Nope. I’ll use your app more if you remove this horse shit. I can almost guarantee that gets paid by these morons to include their shit in theapp and it most likely tracks all your user data. How else is this mpoints bullshit company going to make money?

Get a load of thislong ass survey nonsense (left image)

Another reason why they suck at life is that they hire these independent companies to give users these long assed surveys. May I ask who has time to fill out all this bullshit? Not me. I started to fill it out because I wanted to tell them everything I’m complaining about here, but then I saw how long it was and decided it wasn’t worth my time and I could at least write a sarcastic blog about them instead. Again, don’t you assholes understand that no one has time to fill out this fucking monstrosity of a survey? Less is more.

Too Many Ads

Greedy motherfuckers


In Conclusion…

Hire me as a consultant. I’ll fix your shit in no time.

PS: Myblog’s theme has shitty looking styling. This looked so much better in the WordPress editor than it does on my actual blogand I’m too lazy to worry about it so whatever.


This Is Idiotic Chrome User Experience

You want to know what really pisses me off about Google Chrome? When you make a video full screen, you get this stupid ass notification that it’s full screen and whether or not to allow it or exit. Idiots. I CHOSE to make it full screen. It’s already full screen, thus already allowed. I don’t need to see this idiotic modal telling me otherwise. Get rid of it.

Image 002

Rant: Google Keyboard

Random pet peeve about the official stock Google Keyboardfor Android:

Will you crackers fucking autocorrect “tou” to “you?” This is by far the most annoying fucking thing ever. 100% of the time I goto type “you” (which is frequent), the combination between my fat fucking fingers and the fact that 100% of Android phones have shitty touch sensors (as compared to Apple), I end up typing tou instead. No big deal. I mistype a lot of shit on there. Only thing is, it does a good job with autocorrect. But not tou to you. Why? Because tou is a dictionary word. What the fuck is a tou? NOTHING. Get the fuck out of my dictionary. Because it’s a dictionary word, I couldn’t even add a custom dictionary/shortcut/autocorrect tou –> youtrigger.

Now when I looked up tou, it was some fucker mentioned in the Old Testament.Fore sure I’ll text about this dude 0% of the time. Android L’s keyboard better be better than that shit. Ya heard?

PS – I typed this blog on a fucking netbook keyboard running Xubuntu. Netbooks are such slow pieces of shit with the worst screen resolution ever, but it actually runs a server pretty well because Linux.

@UberFacts Is The Worst Twitter Account Ever


Uberfacts is the most ridiculous Twitter account ever. It’s basically a dude with an automated bot who posts the same shitty, idiotic facts in a loop. In this post, I will provide brief commentary on these “facts”

uberstarsStars are living organisms? Idiot.


NO. If you use private browsing and are NOT logged in, how the fuck is Google going to associate the query with your account (unless maybe you’re signed in to the Chrome browser). Yes, they may save search queries by IP, but what is that going to do?


uberscissorsHair? Indestructible? What about scissors… Idiot.


uberbulbResearch also says that if you shove a lightbulb up your ass and fart, it might just light up – but only if it’s an L.E.D. Idiot.


uberThis is common sense, assholes. Be a cube monkey for 3 months and you’ll realize anyone who’s successful (read: suits) are conniving, lying, cheating cut-throat docuhebags. So yes, if your kid is a liar, s/he will screw people over and become successful. Idiot.


uberpreggoCorrelation does not prove causation. Show hasn’t even been around that long. Idiot.


uberjapanJapan is fucked up.


uberafricaI’ll give you $5 if you can show me the country of South African on a map. Idiot.

Also, get a load of these contradicting facts:



It’s 2014 – Facebook Has Absolutely No Useful Purpose Anymore

Is it me, or is the only purpose of Facebook to see reposts of Buzzfeed articles? Because that’s all. I don’t even get the point of going straight to Buzzfeed because it will just show up on your news feed. Buzzfeed, news feed – same shit. You used to be able to poke hot girls you were trying to bang people and shit and I feel like it used to be more personal. Now it’s just one giant feed of bullshit and reposts I don’t give a fuck about. This is why I don’t go on there or post shit there anymore, unless someone interacts with me first. Okay, maybe every once in a while I’ll post a video of that CNBC guy who had a dick on his backon my boy’s wall from college to bring back some times, but other than that. Whatever.

You know what I miss? Back when Facebook looked like this and was simple. And when networks actually meant something.