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Yes, I’m Still Alive

No I did not go into hiding. The fact that I haven’t been online in like a week can be explained by high amounts of work. You think teachers would say: Ok, why don’t you study for your finals. But no… They’re still giving tests and shit. So that’s all.

And its not like its nice out. (Because if its nice, I won’t be online all day.) So I am not outside enjoying the nice sunny 85 degree weather… Oh by the way, we’ll be underwater soon if this keeps up.

So yeah, don’t expect me to be online much until after June 19th.

Edit: I have added a little weather box on the top of the main page of this site for your enjoyment and convenience. Yay!

Wriggley Wrappers

Fat Meez and I have discovered (excuse me if someone else found out before us, I am just unaware of it) that you can peel the foil off of any Wrigley chewing gum wrapper and stick it on to things like a sticker!! Isn’t that fun? This picture is misleading though because it doesn’t show the foil peeling off in nice big pieces. Anyway enough rambling about nonsense…

The Weather

The weather is really pissing me off lately. First of all, let me tell you that I do like freezing cold winter weather. However, I do like nice and warm weather in the spring and summer. Anyway were over here in May and it’s raining like every day. The weather is shit. It should be in the 70s and it’s like 55 and raining.

Summer and winter outlook forecast
The weather patterns have changed. It is obvious that we will have a cool and rainy summer followed by a warm snowless winter. That’s right everyone, we have entered the shit weather pattern again. I remember that the summer of 2001 was very cool and rainy. A warm winter followed that. The year after, it was an extremely hot summer with something like 20 or more days above 90. The winter that followed? Very snowy. So that’s the latest scoop and little history refreshment.

(Yeah how interesting, I’m sure you all care about weather…)

I am Really Screwed

I probably won’t be updating this frequently because I am in so much trouble. If I’m lucky I’ll get to update this once every week or so. The Useless Shit, Stupid Ass Quotes and Crazy Ass Images probably won’t be updated anytime soon. If they are, then you should be surprised.

This is all due to an extreme lack of time, too much schoolwork, and punishment.

I understand some of you are upset. Here’s what the one with no nickname has to say about my harsh punishment:
SN Hidden (4:03:14 PM): that’s super fucked up
SN Hidden (4:03:43 PM): not just fucked up but superly fucked up

War has Been Declared

Today, BTC has declared war on me!!! LOL!!!! He has officially broken the contract signed in April by using my name on his site. Technically I can take legal action but I really don’t care much so I’m just wasting time writing about it.

Tension started back at the end of March with the biology book vandalism, in which Brian cut through the cover and 8 pages of my book with a razor blade. Next, he wanted help with Html coding and when I would not provide it, he posted false information on his site. A contract was signed which stated that I would provide him with html help and he wouldn’t use my name on his site. Well that all changed today when I wouldn’t provide help with his java applet, because he’s been bugging me for like a week nonstop. Yesterday, he stole Spanish notes from me, which didn’t help. Anyway, Here is the actual declaration (portions of vulgarity edited out)

Brian (4:03:51 PM): Did you figure out the java applet
Jpcef (4:22:10 PM): no I didn’t I’m having a lot more trouble then to worry about a stupid java applet that’s going on a site that 10 people see
Brian (4:22:28 PM): F*** YOU MOTHA F*****

Note to all: I wouldn’t really be taking this all seriously and really don’t care.