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There is Nothing Wrong with Your Prius

March 16th, 2010 12:30pm No comments

…And if it keeps accelerating, you are either a stupid moron that should not be allowed to drive, or you are scamming the company and trying to fake a lawsuit.

Toyota claimed that the sudden acceleration incident on a San Diego highway was a hoax and the car was functioning normally.

Toyota revealed its preliminary official findings after investigating the incident and the car, coming to the conclusion tha the accelerator pedal was functioning normally, the front brakes showed severe wear and damage from overheating, the floormat in the car was the correct type but was not installed properly, the push-button start/stop switch worked properly, and that the shift lever also easily engaged neutral, as well as other factors that indicated nothing was at fault mechanically with the Prius involved.” –The Car Connection

Of course there is nothing wrong with the accelerator. Duh! Second of all, this moron was on the phone with 911, and the operator repeatedly told the idiot to put the car in neutral or shut it off. It is so clear this man blatantly ignored it and this was all just a huge lawsuit attempt and publicity stunt. judgment in favor of Toyota.

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