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AHH! Lightning!

July 23rd, 2003 6:13pm Leave a comment

The classic summer thunderstorm yesterday… What better to do then to go golfing (not on a golf course you fool, I’m not that stupid)!!!! Well not the smartest idea but I did anyway.

Here I am thinking it is safe to go to the driving range during a storm. There was a little enclosed roof over it which kept the rain out and one side was closed and the other was open so you can (obviously) drive the balls out.

So we’re golfing for a while and what happens?? It gets really dark, starts pouring etc. etc. Out of nowhere, this giant bolt of lightning strikes the friggin field. I swear it was within 25 feet of me. Hmm… no wonder they say to stay away from gigantic open fields. And instantly, there was an extremely loud explosion. (Because anyone who is smart knows that the thunderclap is caused by the air expanding from the extreme heat of lightning and the further away, the slower the thunder reaches you because sound is slower then light and yada yada, you learn that in 3rd grade). I have never heard anything that caused pain before and that was it.

Tell me if you were any closer to a bolt of lightning before.

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