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Microsoft Windows Is A F****** Piece of Shit

July 28th, 2003 6:15pm Leave a comment

Wow… Where do I begin?? By The way, I have posted about a Microsoft mishap already (it’s still in my old news section). I was complaining about Windows then and here’s another one.

My mom was typing something for work and I told her to check her email. So when I opened Internet Explorer, bingo… A complete system lockup.

Unfortunately my mom didn’t save her work and I had to rely on Microsoft Word’s autorecover (never rely on Microsoft) which is just as unreliable as the rest of Windows because it didn’t recover much.

Of course I got into a shitload of trouble because it’s all my fault that this happened as I am the one who coded Windows. (Sarcasm, if you didn’t know) But I’ll be forgiven.

Down with Microsoft – that unstable shit. If your computer doesn’t crash within the next minute, go to Microsuck.com

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