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The Stupidity of this Country

July 29th, 2003 6:16pm Leave a comment

The United States has posted a $25 million reward for information leading to Saddam’s capture or death and is expected to pay $30 million to the informant who led soldiers to his sons.

Doesn’t anyone think what some Iraqi will be doing with $25 million?? Hmm… Maybe using it to fund terrorism??? Honestly, it’s great that Saddam’s sons are dead and it’s great if we kill Saddam, but the rewards are such a waste of money. And people forget that even if Saddam is dead there is still plenty of resistance in Iraq. Saddam isn’t the only one in Iraq who hates the US, so if we killed him, many others (that are rich) would be willing to take over. Like Jay Leno once said: “The new book that lists all countries in the world that hate the US is the World Almanac.”

Edit: Iraq had no weapons. Saddam was a douche to his people but didn’t do anything to us as there was no link to terrorism, so why get involved? Bush fails.

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