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Recent Weeks (One Rambling Post)

December 13th, 2003 7:53pm Leave a comment

Yes, I still remember that I have a website. And I realize I haven’t updated it in a while.

Basically the last few weeks were busy. Not only is there schoolwork, but I had to spend hours restoring my laptop again. See, when you start a computer and it says “Invalid VxD dynamic link call to device #3 service B, your Windows configuration is invalid, run setup to correct problem” and then immediately shuts off, there is a major problem. (P.S. Windows Sucks) Anyway it probably was the RAM but I formatted the hard drive anyway. Now I can’t get sound or modem support because IBM is gay and decides to combine the sound card and the modem into one device and puts on gay software that conflicts with Windows. Then Verizon DSL goes nuts for two days with really shitty speeds (almost like our crappy school network, but nothing is that bad – pretty bad though. Anywho…) I couldn’t upload files to this site due to slowness.

Moving along to the school reasons why I couldn’t update this site… In Spanish, I was expected to take an entire test on a chapter that was taught hastily in one day (because the teacher was out one day and I was out another). After I took that I had to make up other tests and stuff I got 100 on. Also it’s impossible to get a 90 or better on a Critical Lens (I don’t think one person has), but I gave up on that a while ago. Basically If you receive an 89, its equivalent to a normal teacher’s 98. (Hence me getting all 98s last year – and I’m using the same format this year)

Anything else. Oh yeah. Operation Smile was tonight and there were people shooting wax projectiles at us. Then they threw snow at the car as we were driving away and followed us to Friendly’s. Anyway, a very busy weekend ahead. So sorry for the long post. I must be boring.

Sorry for the big ramble. It must look like a blob of shit.

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