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Why Nextel Phones Suck

December 14th, 2003 7:55pm Leave a comment

Did anyone ever notice that Nextel phones suck? They have four decent ones: The I90, I95, I730 and I733. Compared to Sprint or Verizon’s choice of phones, these are all bad phones.

The main question… How come Nextel phones are so expensive and shitty? Verizon has many color phones that are as cheap as $100. They also have camera phones that are still relatively cheap. In the meantime, Nextel has one decent black and white phone: the I90. (Which isn’t even on Nextel’s website. Did they discontinue it?) Anyway let’s move on to the next similar phone: the I60, which is a piece of shit. A Nextel I60 is $100, an I95 is $225, an I730 is $250 and an I733 is $400 (these are suggested retail prices). Also, take a look at an I95, It is a bulky clunking, giant piece of shit. Meanwhile a thinner, smaller color Verizon (or Sprint) cameraphone can be as little as $125. Nextel is not even close to having a camera phone. God help them if they make one because it will be $800.

Anyone who takes economics can figure this one out. Well, I don’t even take economics but I still know the principle. MY POINT: The reason why Nextel phones are so expensive is because Motorola monopolizes the market. Therefore, if you want a Nextel, you’re stuck with a Motorola phone. If you don’t want a Motorola, it’s tough shit, and you wouldn’t be able to get a Nextel. Since there is no competition (all Nextels use Motorola phones), they can charge crazy prices. Now Verizon has many phone manufacturers, such as LG, Sanyo, Motorola etc. Since there is competition, the prices must be low so people can choose the best value for the least money. A color Motorola TI720 is much, much cheaper then the Nextel Motorola I733.

I have nothing against Motorola. Their phones are great. In fact, If I changed companies I might as well get another Motorola, but the difference is that it will be much cheaper. I am just pissed that they monopolize the Nextel market and are so expensive. Nextel is still backwards with their phones and needs to improve drastically.

Here’s something that could be a whole new post but I’ll write it here because it’s similar. I’m sort of dissatisfied with Nextel right now. The service is excellent and clear, but has a very limited area in the United States. Also, it would be nice if there was roaming. I might go to Verizon next year…

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