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AOL + Meteorologists = Disaster

April 26th, 2004 10:42pm No comments

Yeah so I’m sitting here listening to the rain slam against my windows. So I went on AOL to delete some spam that their shitty filters miss. So on the main startup page, there is a little weather section with a 3 day forecast and the current weather. They do a really good job. Anyway – today’s forecast:

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The last Stretch

April 11th, 2004 10:41pm No comments

So spring break is done. Absolutely shot… Over…. We should have had tomorrow off but we used up an extra snow day, where it didn’t even snow. It was cloudy with rain showers. What bull.

We only have one day off for the rest of the year – Memorial Day. That’s why I call the part of the year right after spring break until the end “the last stretch.” This is the time when all the shit builds up and school gets annoying and exhausting. When we really need a break, there is none to be found. It’s the time of the year where we all hear constant nagging about work and reviewing and studying and other nonsense. So until the end of June when all exams are over, be prepared to work your asses off with little breaks.

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Verizon is Weird

April 9th, 2004 10:40pm No comments

I can’t figure it out. Every so often, I cannot get my server up ( because Verizon is being retarded. All of my settings (in my router and Apache config file) are correct and Verizon randomly blocks every single port for some reason. WTF. This happened once before and it fixed itself an hour later. I know most internet service providers block port 80 to discourage web servers, but I use the most random port – 22500. What would ever possess them to block that? And even when I change it, the new port is also blocked.

Most of you idiots don’t understand all my technical shit, so if you didn’t understand what a port is or whatever else I said in the first paragraph, all it means is that you’ll just have to deal with some outages from time to time.

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Spring Helping Tour 2004

April 2nd, 2004 10:08pm No comments

Yeah, so just like last year, I will not be home from today until Thursday because of the Spring Helping Tour. For details, see the second post ever on my site. It’ll be similar to last years’. See you people when I get back.

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I’m Running My Own Server!!!

April 2nd, 2004 10:07pm No comments

Head over to to get certain files off of my computer. There are pictures, videos and sounds and other goodies. Since I am running this server off of my own computer, there is no file size limit!!! Note that the link will only work when my computer is on and the server is up. I have added a link on my main page under my menu titled “More Files.” Don’t rape my bandwidth too much.

Note to Verizon: Your dynamic IP and port 80 blocks cant stop me!! MUHAHAHHA.

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