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Mozilla Firefox is Awesome

June 8th, 2004 10:50pm Leave a comment

Wow! What a damn good browser. It kicks Internet Explorer’s ass. Actually, I’m not a big fan of replacing things that came with the operating system, but you need to get this browser. First off, it is much more secure than Internet Explorer. For example, all those install on demand spyware installers are completely blocked. So it eliminates the holes in IE. It also doesn’t run stupid javascripts. For example, I made a computer crashing javascript using AIM vulnerabilities and opened it with IE. When I opened that same script in Firefox, it stopped immediately. Firefox also has a nice easy to follow options dialog. Internet Explorer’s is really confusing. All the stuff to clear your cache and history are right there, instead of going through IE’s many sub-option dialogs. The size of the browsing window is clear and to the point, instead of being cluttered with IE toolbars. Another key feature is the built in popup blocker. The most awesome thing has to be the Tabbed windows. Instead of having 10 instances of a browser open, you can have one and it will open in tabs. Another nifty little feature is a little google toolbar (which you can remove of course). Oh, I forgot the download manager… Yeah, it’s very nicely done. You can pause downloads and it is a really cool interface.

I highly recommend this browser and it is a MUST for everyone to download. It’s also free.

Download it here

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