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The i860 – New Junk for Lazy People

December 26th, 2004 11:43pm Leave a comment

This isn’t the first time I’m bashing Nextel phones. Anyway, the i860 is crap and is for lazy people. The feature that pisses me off the most is the push-button flip mechanism. This is absolute junk and a waste of a feature. It proves people are too lazy these days. Whats the matter, takes too much energy to manually filp up your phone? I guess so. Some fat lazy engineer for Motorolla probably designed this because he was sick of burning an extra calorie by opening up his phone. He thought it’d be easier to push a button. Well it sucks. I saw the phone and used the push button flip. It opens so fast that it’s bound to wear out within a month. Just another thing to wear out and break.

Motorolla uses good marketing strategy build a phone that will wear out quickly and break, because lazy idiots will buy the phone, break it in a month, then buy another. I can get a Verizon LG phone for $60 that has all the same features minus the crappy flip option. Sigh… What’s happenning to society these days?

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