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Weekends Suck

March 21st, 2005 12:44am Leave a comment

Weekends are not good anymore. They pass by in two seconds and leave you more stressed out by Sunday than on Friday. Not only does every teacher decide “Oh, I’ll assign 400 questions because you have the weekend to do it,” but between visiting family and friends, doing work and running around like a chicken, there is no way you can rest.

Days need to be like 39 hours long. I need to go to another planet that has a rotational perod of 39 hours and a period of revolution of 500 days, just so I have enough time to work, relax and do what I need to do – without being rushed. Time is everything. One thing I hate is when people or things waste my time, because you’ll NEVER get it back. And what’s the deal with sleep anyway? What a waste of time. Then you wonder why I never sleep much? I have too many things to do!! I’ll do plenty of sleeping when I’m dead – I’m not going to waste my valuable time in some retarded blackness. Of course, when you stay up too much you end up crashing worse than Windows ME, sleep for like 13 hours and waste even more time. You just can’t win.

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