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Forums Back Online

June 23rd, 2005 12:14pm No comments

As promised… Go there, post, be merry… Not much else to say.

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pEopLE tHat TYPe LyK tHIs AnNoY mE

June 22nd, 2005 1:02am 3 comments

Anyone who types like that should have their computers smashed over their heads and deserve a lifelong internet ban. There is no reason whatsoever to type like such a moron. If there is a valid reason for any of this gibberish, please comment back and explain it to me, because I can’t figure out why people waste their energy pushing the shift key randomly to make some letters capital and some not.

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Don’t Watch News at 3AM

June 20th, 2005 8:56am No comments

I was watching Fox News at 3AM and came across a show called The Beltway Boys. What a dumb name for a news show. Anyway, it consisted of two old babbling men with stuttering problems. These idiots disagreed on every topic they discussed. The last time I checked, it was the Fox News Channel – not the Fox Debate Channel. These guys couldn’t go four words without forgetting what to say. “Uhhh.. Um… look.. yeah… uhhh.” Use a damn TelePrompter if you don’t know what to say! And if they know it’s going to be a debate, they should practice the topics before and jot down some notes so they don’t stumble like morons on the show.

Here is a 15 second audio clip from the show. It consists of one guy stuttering for the entire 15 seconds. Please explain to me if any coherent information can be extracted from this 15 second mess. The guy does not even make sense… Listen Here

This is why you don’t watch TV at 3AM – every other channel is an infomercial and they put dunces on all the news channels

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If Your Forum Handle is “buffguns” You’re Uncool

June 17th, 2005 1:31am 1 comment

It’s late and I was bored and I was looking through my site access log and noticed that my picture of the popped collar was hyperlinked to some forum. Please refer to my archived post about how popped collars suck to refresh your memory. Anyway, I decided to investigate why my retarded looking popped collar was on some forum. And this is what I found:


The Forums are located here (removed dead link). Go to the page and use Firefox (or the Evil IE) to search for a user named buffguns. You will notice that this person linked to my image of a popped collar (but the link is dead because it wasn’t done properly). Then this “buffguns” had the nerve to say that the popped collar looked hot! How dare you! Popped collars are dumb.

I just found this rather interesting and wanted to dedicate a post to everyone to publicly humiliate this person! I would like to kindly remind everyone that popped collars are not cool

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Spell Checker Added

June 14th, 2005 12:38pm No comments

I am trying to be more professional with my postings and not have spelling errors in them, so I found a nice WordPress plugin that checks spelling. I was too lazy to keep copying and pasting my posts into MS Word, then pasting them back here.

I also modified my comments.php file to access the same spell checking script I use when I post things, so you people can check the spelling in your comments. Not that anyone leaves comments anyway, and the two people that do don’t care about spelling and use abbreviations – so it really doesn’t matter. But it’s there and I use it, so that’s all that counts. And only I can add words to the custom dictionary 😀

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