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Facebook App Abuse

January 6th, 2008 4:56pm Leave a comment

Some applications are great, some are terrible, others are pointless. Many people complained that Facebook has become cluttered with applications. True, but this doesn’t bother me – you do not have to use them. What does annoy me is applications that resemble spam utilities or social viruses and do not function without people spreading them.

Take the “Are you stupid” application, for example. I get an invite to it and want to check it out – only to find out that you can’t even use it unless you invite 20 people. If you press “skip” it’s like “OMG you didn’t like invite 20 people, die!” Suppose I don’t want to invite 20 people? This isn’t right and is complete abuse of the open programming API, to generate more popularity for someone’s app. If you make a good application, it will become popular. Take Jetman, for instance – that was the biggest application success I’ve seen. You don’t see its creators forcing you to invite people before you can play. This new concept is nonsense and must be stopped, before it becomes a precedent for all new applications. This concept is no different than a virus – but it uses people to spread and function. I guarantee you that someone will exploit these applications in the near future to hijack Facebook profiles and and mess with people.

Another application which is really annoying is the Movie one. I keep getting 500 notifications that “Person X” (who I don’t talk to or even care about) has just scored 90% on the horror movie quiz, and I should challenge them. I’m pretty sure the person had absolutely no intention to send that message to people he or she has not spoken to in years, nor do I want to receive it. But apparently, whenever you do something on that application – it automatically sends spam to promote its use.

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