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Stop BSing Us, We all Know Steve Jobs is Finished

January 15th, 2009 9:49am Leave a comment

Face it: The man is in denial and we all fell for it, until yesterday, where he announced he is taking a leave of absence for his health. Quite honestly, everyone is making a big fuss about this and it’s understandable, but it is blatantly obvious that Jobs was completely full of crap. It’s okay though, he just didn’t want to seem weak for the almighty powerful company.

Some bad signs:

  • The man had pancreatic cancer in 2004. I’m sorry, but you just don’t survive pancreatic cancer.
  • He lost weight because of a hormone imbalance? My ass… Stop being in denial
  • Apple withdrew itself from it’s own Macworld Expo and Jobs did not hold the keynote speech.
  • Apple released a vague statement saying something along the lines that it always had a plan for Job’s successor, Jobs is okay, but we just want to throw that out there
  • You ever see a picture of the guy? He is ghastly.
  • Leave of absence? Now it’s just official

So I don’t mean to be negative, and this post is not meant to insult Jobs in anyway. He just wants to keep Apple’s stock up, uhhh…. I mean, he just doesn’t want to share his private health matters with everyone – which is perfectly understandable. Portfolioso.com predicts the man will not live through this current recession. If he does, it’ll be another miracle.

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