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Facebook Pisses Me Off Sometimes

May 20th, 2009 5:01am No comments

Facebook has gone to the shitter, and here’s why. It used to be cool and informative, but now it’s just useless. The recent redesign wrecked things. I am usually a fan of web 2.0 fancy, glittery, pretty AJAXified web apps, hell, I even supported the new looks when everyone hated it. However, I actually learned some usability testing from all that time I spent (checking email and reading Digg) in Systems Design and Implementation class. All the AJAX fancy shit doesn’t help when it’s asynchronously sending “poop wars” notifications back and fourth.

Speaking of notifications, that’s one thing the dev team ruined. Back in the day, notifications were useful and relevant to real life. Now, we get live updates on who became a fan of Edward Cullen and that Jimmy scored a blumpkin on the “Which blowjob are you quiz.” Number 1 pet peeve: They moved the birthdays to Oshkosh, all the way at the bottom on the right column. Well that doesn’t help me, I don’t look there. Put the damn birthdays and other real life useful information on top so we can actually remember things and people won’t hate me. I became enraged when I did my random profile check (for the first time in a while, because I used to have a life before summer break) of someone I haven’t heard from in a few months and realized I missed a birthday by two weeks. Fuck. Well if notifications were engineered better then… I don’t know, it doesn’t matter anyway, it just annoys me.

Random plugs: By the way the Yankees are awesome again, CC is the biggest boss that I’ve seen thus far and I just watched Taken which was a killer movie. Watch it now (yes 5AM) if you haven’t seen it. Oh shit, my server time is an hour off – it says 4AM. I should fix that.

Here’s Whats Wrong With The Law + Other Rants

May 8th, 2009 2:32am 1 comment

See at this point I really don’t care anymore, and I shrugged it off and thought it was funny actually, but this is what pisses me off about strict law abiding places.

So I’m out for the night designated driving people around, and we’re hopping from place to place. 1) Some places just don’t care about IDs at all. No comment. 2) Most other places are chill and ID the people drinking – which is perfectly fine. I understand they don’t want to get shut down and lose their liquor license if we rat them to cops/ are undercover, etc. 3) The stupid ass places don’t let you in if you’re not 21. And here’s my problem with that. There were like 4 people there and I’m clearly the only person standing up straight. With less than 3 weeks until I’m 21, I’m the responsible one driving these guys around making sure they don’t die. So what happens? I get thrown out. Meanwhile it’s perfectly fine to continue serving drinks to the others (some of whom are literally no more than a month older than me – clearly much more mature and able to drink more responsible). It is clear that they can’t even stand up straight at this point and are falling all over the place, but they’re a month older and 21, so it’s fine.

So lets analyze this. People who are 21 and a month older than me who can’t stand – it’s OK for them to drink until they die. Me who just wants to sit in a chair and wait for these people to finish so I can take these people home safely – “Get the fuck out.” This makes a lot of sense. Therefore, I urge my readers not to follow the law, it’s awful and kills people.

And here are other things that suck:

  • The Yankees – I love them to death, but their overpaid players all suck ass and can’t win ballgames. Texiera is useless (right now). They have a beautiful new stadium no one can afford which is empty all the time and makes us look as popular as a AA team. We also have monument cave – formerly monument park and really nice but is now in a cove-like area that’s. In addition, I propose renaming it to Wiffle Ball park, since the design is severely flawed and generates wind patterns that cause 229323 home runs and make the Yankees lose.
  • Group projects – No one does what they should do and I always clean up after them. It’s 3AM and I need to finish a paper. Instead, I’m ranting
  • Tom Cleary – Tom shut up. If you ask us if you should wash your jeans one more time or if the bathroom is a mess, I’m force-feeding you Ambien (a sleeping pill). You’ve repeated yourself more times than this dude I know with OCD (who also gives me an ulcer).
  • Illness – It’s not that I’m really sick, but it’s just lingering around and needs to go away.
  • The weather – Sucks balls. Not only did it rain for the past week, it’s getting depressing .Please stop. Also, it’s steamy as hell and gross. Summer is coming soon which is awful because it raises my electric bill, and it’s hot and annoying. Give me cool weather.
  • Moving Out – School is over and I’m going to be home. This is lame as hell because I get to see the same 4 people all the time and can’t meet anyone new. Plus, any hopes of me getting things accomplished (which I need to be at school to get right) are now on hold until September

Fuck yaself, I’m pissed.

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