Facebook Pisses Me Off Sometimes

Facebook has gone to the shitter, and here’s why. It used to be cool and informative, but now it’s just useless. The recent redesign wrecked things. I am usually a fan of web 2.0 fancy, glittery, pretty AJAXified web apps, hell, I even supported the new looks when everyone hated it. However, I actually learned some usability testing from all that time I spent (checking email and reading Digg) in Systems Design and Implementation class. All the AJAX fancy shit doesn’t help when it’s asynchronously sending “poop wars” notifications back and fourth.

Speaking of notifications, that’s one thing the dev team ruined. Back in the day, notifications were useful and relevant to real life. Now, we get live updates on who became a fan of Edward Cullen and that Jimmy scored a blumpkin on the “Which blowjob are you quiz.” Number 1 pet peeve: They moved the birthdays to Oshkosh, all the way at the bottom on the right column. Well that doesn’t help me, I don’t look there. Put the damn birthdays and other real life useful information on top so we can actually remember things and people won’t hate me. I became enraged when I did my random profile check (for the first time in a while, because I used to have a life before summer break) of someone I haven’t heard from in a few months and realized I missed a birthday by two weeks. Fuck. Well if notifications were engineered better then… I don’t know, it doesn’t matter anyway, it just annoys me.

Random plugs: By the way the Yankees are awesome again, CC is the biggest boss that I’ve seen thus far and I just watched Taken which was a killer movie. Watch it now (yes 5AM) if you haven’t seen it. Oh shit, my server time is an hour off – it says 4AM. I should fix that.