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Wrapping it up from the Digg Meetup in NYC

June 5th, 2009 10:06am Leave a comment

Digg meetup yesterday at Webster Hall was absolute insanity. Good times, great show, good entertainment, and best of all, pics with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. They also signed my poster. I know this post sounds like I’m a little kid, but it’s sweet.

So here’s the breakdown of events:

  • We arrived at Webster hall in downtown Manhattan around 6:30. Klondike is sponsoring, so they’re giving away free Klondike bars. Yum!
  • Doors opened around 7:45PM and there’s a huge crowd waiting to get in. We were attacked by hot MSNBC interns giving out decks of cards. I told them they really shouldn’t and that I was giving out my card instead. Anyway…. This is why I don’t have a job this summer. Next, I run into this IT guy I knew from work – small world. He built this dude and wanted it signed by the Hak5 guys. Really cool shit. Next, some really smokin squarespace.com interns gave us free drink vouchers for dancing like a “white boy” for 5 seconds. Sick.
  • I’m probably going to be on Revision 3’s website because a camera crew interviewed us and had us act crazy for meetup footage. That should be interesting… No comment.
  • Jay Adleson, CEO of Revision 3 came out on stage and talked for a bit, and introduced some sweet beat boxers and freestyle guys who were making stuff up based on what was showing up on a screen in realtime on Digg Labs’ BigSpy.
  • Here’s where the show began. Episode 206 – watch it next week when it’s released. Some time in the middle of it, I had to take a huge piss (too much info?) but naturally didn’t leave during the middle of the show. No further comment on that.
  • After that ended, there were some MySpace DJs/ bands and the place cleared out because the geeks had to get home. I fought an insane crowd to Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht to meet them. Kevin is actually cooler than Alex, but I had three things to say to Alex:
    1. It’s southern California and I have fruit
    2. Apple Fanboys suck
    3. I agreed with his point of view over Kevin’s regarding ATM security. He was like dude, thanks.
  • If you are the girls from the photo booth and are reading this, tell me who the f you are, you were smokin’. And thanks for putting up with me dragging you in there. That was sketch, I would have been scared also. But I’m not a creep so it was all cool.

Sweet times! Week of Portfoliosofest continues!

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