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Headphone Wires

June 18th, 2009 6:57pm Leave a comment

You know what pisses me off to no end? Headphone wires. They are by far the biggest pain in the ass waste of my time ever. No matter how carefully and neatly I wrap them around my iPod, they always manage to get tangled into the worst possible knot. I don’t think I could actually knot the wires as much if I tried. I mean seriously… You take the wire and wrap it around the iPod in circles. You’d think it would just unwind the other way. But no.

I just spent 10 minutes getting these headphones untangled and I must have taken out 6 knots and fished the plug thing and the earbuds through various loops 20 times. This should not be happening every single time I put the iPod away. This is not helpful when you already spent an hour in traffic to get 15 miles since the parkway is closed because the sewers suck ass and cause the roads to flood due to never ending rain brought on by fucked up jet streams and you have to go through one-laned side streets with two minute traffic lights on each corner. (Run on sentence much?) I just want to listen to damn music already. FML

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