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Iran Solution

June 26th, 2009 10:48pm Leave a comment

I strongly advise the United States to adapt the portfolioso.com solution to the situation in Iran: do nothing. That’s right folks, this issue they are having with elections and oppression has absolutely nothing to do with the United States and is of no concern for this country. Who cares if people are going around screaming “death to America.” It’s not doing anything to me. Does it suck the way protesters are being treated? Yes. Should elections be fair? Yes. See, apparently even in the United States, elections are full of shit. Just look at 2000 – the majority of voters chose Gore (although he was also a moron along with most other politicians, but that’s not my point right now and he couldn’t have been worse than Bush). But we have this genius thing called the Electoral college, designed for morons on horses who couldn’t communicate easily in the 1700s and 1800s to vote for electors to vote for a person – mostly because government officials back then thought the common man was a moron (which is still true to this day). Even so, you don’t see people here turning into looting animals when the election goes awry.

By telling other countries what to do, it simply angers some people and this is why foreign countries end up hating the United States. Read Persepolis. Iran was a mess during the Iranian revolution and it will be that way again, because they don’t have their shit together. We have our shit together and it shouldn’t bother us what other nations do, unless there is a direct threat to American freedom. Last time I checked, their oppression has nothing to do with me. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but lots of people are being oppressed. Why should the country get involved with Iran and not for instance, Darfur and everyone else all over the world also being oppressed? Political interest/oil/money. It all comes down to that. There is no monetary benefit for helping Darfur, so you don’t see the US anywhere near there. But the Middle East? Oil, etc. There’s simply too many problems in the world, and those being affected need to deal with them. Take the advice of the country’s founders – stay away from entangling alliances and remain neutral in foreign affairs. We don’t do that anymore, and this is why the United States is going to the doghouse.

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