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Hello from… A Proxy

October 19th, 2009 11:55pm Leave a comment

First update in a long time. I just woke up because I decided to sleep off a pissed off mood from a Yankee loss and a campus internet outage. I am posting this from a proxy because the dumb shits here at my school network go home after 5PM, and then the internet frequently goes down and no one is here to fix it. Very common occurrence.

So… I do some investigating, and websites do not load. But we do seem to have a live internet connection, since some other protocols worked. So what do I do? Tunnel to a server I administer back in my hometown (thanks KF-Dedicated) and proxy traffic from there to me. Works wonders. So what is wrong with our internet here? I have a feeling that it’s an overloaded traffic-shaper and it’s just dropping all web traffic. Either that or the DNS server died. Some encryption and tunnel action, and bingo, I’m the only moron here with a working connection. Now CNS, get your shit together, you are horrible people. So that’s my rant.

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