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Hey James, Nice Neck Fat

March 7th, 2010 1:32am Leave a comment

Does this look like the face of a man who refuses to allow a BROADCAST network on his cable system?

Why don’t you go use the 200 million that Cablevision is saving by not negotiating an agreement with WABC 7 and go get some liposuction. Thank goodness I have FiOS. I could actually care less about WABC 7 – there’s nothing on there that I watch. It’s just the principle. 1) TV is way too expensive. 2) Dolan is a greedy bastard and 3)People need to start using the internet to watch shows, because this is out of control. If this keeps up, every channel will be a-la-carte. Any network can threaten a cable operator for more money and if no deal is reached, pull their channel. Just to clarify – ABC actually pulled the channel. Yes they’re asking for more money, and usually, the costs are passed to the person. I kind of see Dolan’s point trying to keep prices low, but you can’t go screwing your customers out of channels – especially when your company makes BANK. 200 million is nothing when your profits are over $8 billion.

P.S – I still don’t forgive you for making me miss the 2002 Yankee season, asshat.

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