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Broadband.gov? Seriously?

March 13th, 2010 1:32pm Leave a comment

Has America gotten that low? For the past year and a half, this dude Obama has been  making whateverthehellhewants.gov websites. Since he took office, I’ve never seen so many bullshit.gov websites: change.gov, export.gov, recovery.gov, bitchasstrick.gov, ready.gov, healthreform.gov,  federalreserve.gov (they’ve got some nerve – the federal reserve is a bullshit institution and might as well be a private company -should be federalreserve.com), onguardonline.gov (the hell is that?), flu.gov (the US government controls the flu virus now and needs an official website?), nutrition.gov, werebackruptasshit.gov, chinaownsourballs.gov, census.gov, usajobs.gov, mymother.gov, students.gov, regulations.gov etc etc etc.  Seriously? Want to give me a job admining these sites for like $200,000 a year? Yeah you do.

So I came across broadband.gov which spells out the nation’s plan for getting high speed internet to everyone in the country. Ain’t happening.

The story is, the majority of this country consists of a bunch of hick assed corn farmers. Half of this country (*cough, the backwards ass south, cough*) have two wires going to the houses: a power line and a copper phone line, which hasn’t changed since . We are beyond bankrupt and absolutely have no means to install fiber backbones and all that crap to these cotton towns.

So I go on broadband.gov and they offer a speed test. Apparently, you need you enter your address in order to do so. What the hell is this? Nazi rule? Why do they want my address in order to do a speed test. Yes, yes I know… They’re trying to see where the internet is good and where it sucks… Yatta Yatta. But that’s nonsense – I’m not giving my address away to do a simple speed test.

F these government sites. Want to check your speed? Go to speedtest.net. Capitalism at its finest. What a waste of taxpayer money, creating a service that already exists for free.

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