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April 3rd, 2010 3:00pm Leave a comment

Shut the fuck up about the fucking iPad. It’s a piece of shit. I can’t go anywhere on the internet without it being shoved down my throat. I went to my Google Reader and 98/103 items are about this stupid shit. Images, videos, people stampeding one another, morons camping out for days in lines, app reviews, accessories. I don’t care. Shut up. It’s all nonsense. All for a stupid tablet that can only do one thing at a time. All these websites and companies are going nuts developing apps for this stupidity.

It’s all a novelty. I can get a netbook for the same price with more space, a real keyboard, Windows 7, a camera. But no. Computer applications are not as good as iPad apps. OMG APPS. They’re good for mobile devices, but it’s absurd that developers need to waste their time making apps specifically for the iPad. Unfortunately, they have to, because if they don’t they’ll be behind the times.

Waste of money

And why would you ever spend more money on a 3G version. There goes an extra monthly fee? Newsflash – 3G isn’t that good. It’s slow, it’s choppy, it cuts out all the time. Shut up. All it’s doing is costing people money -WSJ and NY Times all charging ridiculous monthly fees for content. It’s actually a clever scam. Really clever.

Apple has created a cult following. The iPad isn’t even that great, but everyone is now obsessed with anything Apple releases. It’s brilliant how the company built up their brand image.

To quote Colbert: “just like the iPhone, you can’t make calls with it”

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