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Germany Bans Unencrypted WiFi. Really Now?

May 13th, 2010 3:38am Leave a comment

BERLIN – Germany’s top criminal court ruled Wednesday that Internet users need to secure their private wireless connections by password to prevent unauthorized people from using their Web access to illegally download data. Internet users can be fined up to euro100 ($126) if a third party takes advantage of their unprotected WLAN connection to illegally download music or other files, the Karlsruhe-based court said in its verdict.

Fuckin’ A, Germany. I mean, you’re all cool and shit with your bratwurst and beer, but this law is absolutely absurd.

Really now? You’re going to fine people for not securing their WiFi? That’s like fining people for not locking their homes and cars. If you don’t lock up your shit and someone robs you blind, it is YOUR problem. Same with your internet.

But you get these lawmakers who don’t understand computers and have these RIAA/MPAA representatives putting their balls all over their faces saying “ZOMG, if people don’t secure their WiFi, people can download music on other people’s networks and get away with it, so lets fine them.”

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work like that. If I stole someone’s bike because they didn’t chain it to a pole, then used it to rob a store and flee, you shouldn’t be fining the person who didn’t lock the bike up. Same concept.

Second of all, anyone and their mother’s breast implants can hack into WEP networks, that’s how insecure it is. OK maybe WPA is better, but if the average Joe is too dumb to secure his router, he will most definitely have no fucking idea what WEP or WPA is.

Once again, worry about bigger problems, not stupid bullshit like this.

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