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Another Reason Apple Sucks

June 4th, 2010 2:40am Leave a comment

Hey assholes at Apple – stop forcing us to use Safari to view your html5 pages. Okay, Firefox 3.6 may not be all there yet on html5 (just wait for Firefox 4), but Chrome uses Webkit and should have no trouble at all displaying the pages. No one wants to use Safari on a Windows machine.

See this is why Steve Jobs is a hypocrite. He wants to support open web standards, but then throws out demos that only work in Safari. Well guess what. Chrome is open also, and it’s html5 compliant so cut the shit. So much for the open web…

You suck Apple. Safari isn't the only html5 enabled browser out there

P.S – If you’re still using IE, please park your car on the nearest set of train tracks and wait.

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