Verizon’s 3G Network Can Suck It Sometimes

I’ve had enough of Verizon’s 3G network. Verizon is full of shit when they advertise all about their 97% 3G coverage bull. Yes, they may have coverage but here are my issues with their 3G:

Problem 1: It’s slow as balls. If you’re in a good signal area, expect 1.5MBPS max download. That’s good enough for simple webpages, but half of the time, it averages around 500-600kbps, especially when the signal is weaker.

Problem 2: Even when I am standing with my phone right up a cell tower’s ass, I tend to lose 3G for no reason. You don’t understand how pissed off I get when I see a tower in sight and my internet is going 100kbps because it’s on 1X. WHY? My theory is that the tower is overloaded with voice and data and it’s just like “fuck your 3G, I don’t have the bandwidth so I’m dropping you to 1X. Well stop. It happens way too frequently.

Its a fuckin waste of $30/month when half of the time my internet is balls (and under Murphy’s Law, the 3G shits out when I need it most.)

PS – This post was written from my Droid on the strongest of islands… I haven’t had solid 3G since I got here and have been off 3G for the entire length it took me to type this post. By the way, you don’t understand how much of a pain in the ass it was to type this. The Droid’s physical and touch keyboards are two pieces of shit.

PS again – AT&T may have faster 3G but at least I can make phone calls on Verizon it’s kind of the point of a cell PHONE. And f you AT&T for getting rid kf unlimited data plans.