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Never Try to Reason with an Apple Fanboy

June 8th, 2010 10:29pm Leave a comment

I love busting Dan’s balls about Apple. He will defend them to the grave. I tend to side with Google over Apple and make that well known. Anyway, here’s our text convo right after Jobs’ iOS 4/ iPhone 4 keynote. This is why I have no life in the summer. Instead of going to the beach every day, I end up in iPhone vs Android arguments. The iPhone 4 looks good, I will not deny that. BUT – AT&T sucks and doesn’t make calls and many of these features have been out already on other phones.

Never reason with an Apple Fanboy

To be dead honest, it is a nice piece of hardware. The screen looks amazing/ has the highest res out of all smartphones and it does 720p video. Plus, its front camera is ahead of most Android devices (except that HTC 4G one, which isn’t as good). Hell they even added a flash (never Adobe Flash). What is pretty useless is how Jobs claims the screen is so amazing that it’s better than a human eye can detect. Well, then if I can’t see it do any better, who cares.

PS – Don’t mind the ghetto pictures of my Droid screen. You need to root it in order to use the screenshot apps. I’m not that risky. Also, to be brutally honest, I don’t like the Droid Incredible. HTC has some pair of balls on them ruining the stock Android GUI with its SenseUI crap (that’s another blog rant).

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