Cut Out This Maybe Bullshit

You know what’s terrible? A maybe. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t like uncertainty. Give me a yes or a no. I hate bullshitters – give me a straight, to the point answer. Simple as that. Seriously – want to get anywhere in the real world? Be a CEO? You need to make decisions. And this ramble has nothing to do with people messing with my head. It relates to…

Facebook events! Nothing pisses me off more than when people RSVP to crap and say “maybe attending.” Like are you serious? It is either a “yes, I’m going” or a “no, I hate you/ no, I have something else to do/ no, your event sucks.” I literally had someone admit to me that he or she clicks maybe to be polite. Because declining an event is apparently an insult. Well you know what? Grow some balls and stop being so polite. Because to me, a maybe is a “I’m really not going to go, but I am too much of a little bitch to decline.” It’s the worst when I’m reading the maybe list and know someone on there who wouldn’t be caught dead at the event. And then I just shake my head in shame.

It could be that Facebook is annoying as hell and you need to get rid of your 321 event notifications. In that case, click the “remove from my events button.” That’s what I do. It doesn’t confirm you as a guest, it doesn’t put you on the decline list, and the person can plan accordingly. Be like me – I know my shit.

The only exception is college parties. People hop around and I understand that in college, people show up if they feel like it . For college parties, that’s totally fine because anything goes. But if it’s a formal event and you’re maybe-ing, you’re a moron.

PS -It’s 4AM, I just watched two episodes of Dexter and it’s absolutely hilarious and have absolutely no business being awake, let alone blogging. But only 3 people read these anyway, so who cares. I set this to auto publish at an hour people are actually awake.