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The Droid 2 Looks Kind Of Eh

June 11th, 2010 12:37am Leave a comment

EDIT: THIS INFO IS OUTDATED. The phone specs below were prototype and it’s not the official Droid 2.

Are the people at Motorola on crack? I’m reading articles on the Droid 2 and it looks absolutely no different than the original Droid. The “leaked specs” better be a joke, because it is a complete embarrassment. It’s original Droid with 2 minor hardware  upgrades and no one in their right mind should pay to upgrade.

I mean are people at Motorola stupid? You don’t look at the HTC Droid Incredible specs, EVO 4G specs or iPhone 4 specs and try to beat them?I mean they took the original device, changed the keyboard, added a few hundred MHz to the processor. The Nexus One, Droid Incredible, iPhone  and EVO 4G all have faster processors and have been out already (well not the iPhone 4 yet). And Motorola is going around releasing something worse than crap that’s been out for months. Awful.

Droid 2 Specs:

-Android 2.1 (really? no 2.2 froyo?)
-3.7″ screen
-750MHz OMAP processor (Big deal – the original Droid has a 550MHz processor)
-8GB internal memory
-8GB SD card preinstalled (Thanks, the Droid 1 came with double that)
-New keyboard
-5MP camera (no chage here)
-New version of Motoblur (What did I say about skinning Android? This sucks ass)
-No HDMI port
-No front facing camera

BIG DEAL… The processor gets upgraded from 550mhz to 750mhz and the keyboard changes a little. The camera is the same. They put that Motoblur swill on there to clog up the user interface. No HDMI or front camera. This is utter garbage and if it’s released, it’s dumb as hell.

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