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Random News Stories From Around The Web With Commentary (7/15/2010)

July 15th, 2010 11:06pm Leave a comment

18th Century Ship Exhumed at World Trade Center Site – So workers found an 18th century ship buried underground? Let me get this straight. Why didn’t they find this in the early 1970s when they dug the foundation on the World Trade Center?

Google Spent $100 Million Defending YouTube Against Viacom – Fuck Viacom and anyone who wants to sue for intellectual property damage these days. First off, Goolgle fully complies with takedown requests, so what the hell is the issue. Half the time I go to watch a Youtube video, it’s pulled down for Christ’s sake. Secondly, Viacom employees probably uploaded copyrighted videos on purpose to plant false evidence. Scumbag company. Wait a sec… $100 million on a lawsuit just to get it dismissed? Jeez!  Must be nice when you turn a $3.6 billion profit in 3 months.

I Want this Fucking Thermostat – Is this thing  badass, or am I just a geek? Basically you put solar panels on your roof and this thing controls everything, plus you can manage your thermostat and see power usage/ how much power your solar cells generated from anywhere on the internets. My house is facing south and bakes in the sun nonstop from 9am to 5PM, so I roast balls all day if the AC isn’t on. Really, tell the government to pay for me to install this system (they spend money out of control anyway on useless shit, so I might as well get free handouts).  I’m green, bitches.

I was going to post more links but then I stopped caring.

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  1. waspito
    July 16th, 2010 at 00:56 | #1

    that thermostat is badass, get me one. also i like how the 200 year old ship is ‘ancient’

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