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Shut Up About the iPhone 4’s Antenna Issues Already

July 15th, 2010 12:36pm Leave a comment


If you haven’t heard that this phone is a fuckin shitpile by now, you are either Hellen Keller, dead or living here. There have been 300 articles per minute on my newsreader since June 24th about how the antenna is shitty. We get the point.

Now Steve Jobs felt the need to call an emergency press conference today at 10AM PST with less than a day notice so he can address these issues. Anything other than “I fucked up” or “We are not as amazing as everyone thinks because we have obsessed, blind followers” is a downright lie.

Here’s my problem with Apple. No matter how good or bad they are, people are obsessed. And any time there is news, it’s all the rage.

Ok people? Got it? It has an antenna problem, Jobs was warned, and he was a dick with PR about it. What more is there to analyze? So with that, no one cover this any more, I’m tired of reading it.

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