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A Portfolioso.com Lesson on Stealing Peoples Girlfriends

November 12th, 2010 9:52pm Leave a comment

Here’s some flawless logic on a touchy subject and if you don’t agree with this, you are false. So you hook up with or steal someone’s girlfriend… Society’s reaction: what a dirtbag. Well that just depends. Not all the time. There’s a right way to cause someone to cheat with you and a wrong way.

The wrong way… If you respect the girl’s boyfriend, then you absolutely, by no means should even go anywhere near her. End of story. You shouldn’t even think of her in that way. If you do, you are an awful human and terrible friend. Gotta respect your bros. Even if the guy isn’t really a good friend, if he’s a good man and didn’t do anything wrong to you, stay away. Karma’s a bitch. If it’s your friend’s ex… Might want to stay away also. That’s just a little tricky.

The correct way… Her boyfriend is a total toolshed, dick, asshole or you don’t give two shits about him. This is perfectly fine. He’s an asshole and you are better for her. By all means, you have the green light to go in and do your thing. If she’s throwing herself at you, even better because you know she’s all for it too. If the girl actually cared about her boyfriend, she wouldn’t go around cheating. Plus, she started it, so it’s all good. Well even if she didn’t start it, if she’s game, then you are fine.

You can even reverse this logic. If a guy is whipped to shit and his girlfriend is a complete bitch, ladies go handle that

Bulletproof logic. Prove me wrong, beeshes.

PS –  Left out the part about jacked dudes.  If you’re gonna get your ass killed by some steroids bro, it’s probably not worth it either.

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