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Three Little Birds

November 12th, 2010 2:20am Leave a comment

Today’s subway ride back to Grand Central was probably the best time I had on the Subway in 20 years. So I’m on the 6 train and these two rasta bros walk in with two bongo drums and a guitar and two folding chairs, so I’m like Christ, here we go again with this crap, leave me alone. The just roll in, set up shop, sit down and start jamming. Only like 3 people give them any satisfaction and they keep trash taking everyone on the train “come on mon, no love here?”  Anyway, they start doing Three Little Birds and were actually really good and I’ve seen many shit subway performances before. I will take these reggae bros over these whiny bastards any day. I had to be a moron not to pop out the cell phone camera and record them. So they start throwing out little plastic maracas trying to get everyone involved. They throw one at this woman with a baby and the baby grabs it and starts rattling to the beat of the song. We all know how little patience I have for babies at this point because all they do is shit and cry, but it was pretty friggin’ adorable. Reminded me of something straight out of Disneyworld.

Needless to say, it was the world’s shortest subway ride in history. I’m pretty sure I got from 28th St to Grand Central in like 2 minutes, probably would have missed the station if I got just a little more into it. I just couldn’t stop smiling for five minutes after that – anyone walking by me must have thought I was some weirdo.

PS – Took the Q train for the first time today. So much for me assuming the 4, 5 and 6 lines the best . This Q train was like brand new, had all digital LED signs on board and was whisper quiet. Even the station didn’t smell like piss. Besides the fact that the West side sucks balls, I was impressed.


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