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I Have a Shot at Winning My Picks This Week?

December 6th, 2010 1:37pm Leave a comment

Holy shit! For the first time ever, I actually have a shot at coming in first (or tying) in my office football weekly picks. Normally, I get like 5 correct per week and come in like 13th place because I’m God  awful. Going into Monday Night Football, there’s a three way tie for first, beeshes.  And yes, I’m a friggin moron – forgot to pick Thursday’s game.

This is a huge stretch. The only way I can win is if the two other people tied for first picked the Pats and the Jets win. 1) The Pats will probably win and 2) they probably both picked them. So I pretty much have no shot. But it’s still the closest I’ve been.

It’s so shitty though. The guy comes around every Wednesday making his collection and I pretty much donate money every week. It borderline sucks. Could have bought the entire office a round with what I’m down. I’m losing more money than Cleary!

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