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Dear Assholes Over at Verizon Wireless:

December 6th, 2010 10:32pm Leave a comment

Remember how your phones used to suck balls in the pre-smartphone days? Remember how long it took you morons to get anything decent? I do. Then you got the Motorola Droid in Fall 2009. Pure Google experience.  Phone was epic win. The phone (for its time) was amazing. Yes, it’s not the best designed and it is pretty slow and crappy now but you know what? I like it better than any Android on Verizon today. Now, you are releasing shitty phones with old versions of Android. The Droid X is a huge tablet and the HTC Incredible is ruined with SenseUI. It has no hope of getting upgraded. And why.. why WHY did the Galaxy S get released with Android 2.1

Know what I am jealous as hell over? This:

I borderline might switch over to T-Mobile because of the Nexus S, Google’s latest gem with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The thing is sleek and it’s stacked. Front camera, 1Ghz processor, 16gigs of storage, HD video, no bloatware, updates directly from Google… That’s an Android phone. Not this bullshit like the Droid Incredible, DroidX and Samsung Galaxy.

Seriously. Let’s say Google releases a new version of Android. The Nexus gets it right away. Verizon phones with bloatware will not get it for another 4-5 months because first, the manufacturer needs to modify it with its latest bloatware skin. Then Verizon gets it and has to add their shit to it. by the time the consumer gets it, Google’s halfway to the next version. And the fragmentation continues! I was so jealous when the Nexus One came out. It’s a shame Google botched that up royally. 1) Selling it from their own site was a flop and 2) should have partnered with more carriers.

So you dopey fools at Verizon:

  • Keep sucking the phone manufacturer’s d’s and installing their shit ass custom UIs (Sense and MotoBlur). Pure garbage
  • If you partner with Bing, I’m going to kill a kitten
  • Keep getting phones with old ass versions of Android. Seriously? Why are NEW phones being released with Android 1.6 and 2.1? Pathetic.
  • VCast App Store? What a joke
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  1. waspito
    December 7th, 2010 at 08:29 | #1

    That phone is sick. Verizon staff is seriously just all sucking each others dicks instead of making good phones now. I love my droid but come on…

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