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What The Fuck, Firefox on Windows 7

January 5th, 2011 2:25am Leave a comment

What the hell did they do with the up one level button in the file picker? Do you know how much of a pain in the balls it is to go to the parent folder? Legit had to type it in the location bar, backspace a little and press enter. Jesus Christ. It works like a charm in Google Chrome. Google Chrome is urinating all the F over Firefox lately. Firefox just gets shittier by the day. It’s slow, it’s clunky. The more I use Google Chrome the more amazing it is.

Ok before I go all off on Firefox, looks like it’s a Windows 7 thing and Firefox is using the native file picker. I mean I love Windows 7 to death, but Christ, this was an awful thing to remove. Google was like screw that, we’re using our own file picker so people like me can go up one level when we want.

Can someone explain to me how I go up one level to the previous folder in this bitch ass operating system:

PS – Firefox 4 still sucks. The fact that each tab is not its own process is a bunch of balls. It’s memory usage is a fat pig. Ugh. See this is the problem. Firefox was the shit. When IE was a joke, it was amazing. When they found out IE was such a piece and that any intelligent computer user ignored it, they just started slacking. Slacking so badly that Google Chrome came out of nowhere and lapped them. Sad day indeed. But good for Google. They have some good shit.

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  1. E3D3
    June 16th, 2011 at 04:59 | #1

    I agree with you although I love & use Linux.
    Firefox sucks like a hungry baby-parasite (product & team).
    The “Firefox community & support channel” on IRC [irc.mozilla.org – #firefox]
    is the most a-social group I ever met on the internet (beside #chatzilla).
    Mozilla sold themself to Google & changed their interests from user to money.
    Only Google is promoted, if its not with FF then with Chrome.
    I’m so dissappointed after enjoying FF for a couple of years.
    Also glad to see that, beside the illusionary marketing numbers, FF lose its
    popularity faster & faster every day.

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