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AT&T Tells People to Stop Unauthorized Tethering

March 19th, 2011 8:43pm Leave a comment

Engadget – By all accounts, the carrier is now cracking down on all unauthorized tethering, and it’s asking folks engaged in such behavior to either pay up for a proper tethering plan or simply stop tethering altogether — if it doesn’t hear anything back for you after sending the message, AT&T says it will automatically enroll you in a DataPro 4GB tethering plan (at a rate of $45 a month).

AHAHAHAH this company is a joke. Besides the fact that you can’t make calls, they’re actually sending people messages asking them to stop tethering. If you ignore it, they will automatically enroll you in a $45 per month ata plan? The nerve! They have some pair on them, sending this message. No one wants to pay for your expensive ass tethering rates when they already have a perfectly good data plan. I’ll do what I want with my internet connection I’m paying for, mind you!

I have Verizon and they’d never pull off this shit, but AT&T pisses me off because they do stupid things and set dumb ass precedents for all other carriers.

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