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The MTA Can Suck It

March 21st, 2011 10:12am Leave a comment

Good Service my fucking ass

I get down to the platform to hop on the 6 at Grand Central this morning and I’m standing there for 10 minutes waiting for a train to show up. usually there’s a train every 2 minutes. Meanwhile like 8 express trains go by on the other track.

So finally, a 6 train appears and no one is getting on. Why? It’s skipping like 4 stops and it’s an express to 14th st. Fuuuuck that noise.  If I would have known that, I would have not waited 10 minutes and just taken an express train and gotten off in the same spot to begin with. What is the point of it. It just passed 4 stops for no reason. Just strolled through the stations when it could have obviously stopped.

I wouldn’t mind walking an extra 7-8 blocks if it was 70 degrees and sunny, but don’t pull this shit in 37 degree rain. I was soaked. I guess this is how they treat people who fork over more money per month than a fucking car payment only to ride their broken down assed trains on filthy platforms.

Fucking MTA.

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