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This East Side Access Project Sounds Shitty to Me…

March 25th, 2011 12:52am Leave a comment

MTA – Two separate machines that are excavating tunnels and caverns in the bedrock under Manhattan are on schedule to complete their work this May.  After the completion of the overall project in 2016, LIRR trains traveling through Sunnyside will be able to travel directly to Grand Central Terminal. Commuters throughout Long Island and Queens will have more service to Manhattan and shorter travel times to the East Side—making these communities even more attractive places to live, increasing housing values, and unlocking the next wave of economic development potential on Long Island.” East Side Access will reduce commuting times by as much as 40 minutes a day for about 160,000 customers who currently travel to Penn Station and then must take a subway, bus or walk to the East Side. It will also reduce passenger crowding levels at Penn Station and thereby enable Metro-North trains to access Penn Station for the first time.

FUUUUUUCK THAT. Fucking MTA. Fucking Long Island. We don’t need these fuckers from Penn Station sending trains into Grand Central directly from Long Island. You know what that’s going to do? Clogging up Grand Central worse that I clogged the fucking toilet in my townhouse senior year. We all know Grand Central + Westchester is legit and Penn + Strong Island is a shithole. I don’t need trains connecting the two. Place is already a mobbed madhouse and impossible to get through and now we’re going to add 160,000 more people. FUCK. THAT. Use your heads. Terrible idea.

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