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I Am So Right 100% of the Time

March 25th, 2011 1:59am Leave a comment

I am so right all the time. Literally, any time you need any advice, come to me because I can look at a situation, cut through all the bullshit and confusion and give a legitimate analysis, opinion and think in the minds of others. You won’t be able to see things because of bias, but I can look right through it all and see things clearly. I know when my company hires shitty people who who aren’t going to last long. I know when they hire shitty people who they’re going to keep. I know when they hire good people. I know when they hire good people who aren’t going to stay. I know when you’re a skank assed ho. I know when people pretend to be your friend but really want to fuck your brains out. I know if your girlfriend or boyfriend is good for you or not/ how long it will last. Whatever you say is wrong. Whatever I say is right.

I can’t wait until these naive mother fuckers who disagree with me so hard right now come back and say “you know what, you were 100% right.” Because I guarantee you I am. As usual. Money’s on it. Then they’ll come crying to me even more

PS – The only thing I can’t help is myself. I’m shitty at looking into my own situations. I’m like Christ. Can’t save myself but I’m a fucking miracle worker for others.


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