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This is Getting Way Out of Hand

June 25th, 2011 1:14am Leave a comment

What the fuck is going on here. First, my Wendy’s closes, which pissed me the hell off because it was all sentimental and shit and I’ve been going there since I was like 7.  I mean, that sucked but at least McDonalds was next door. I obviously don’t prefer it, but since I’m a fat fuck and need a place for drunk munchies before I hop on the train home, I’d go there instead just because it’s convenient.

NOPE. I walk by there tonight and the fucking place is closed down. Seriously. Walked by the place and I was like – “mother fuck, I don’t see the golden arches.” So I go to the building and essentially, all the stores and fast food places are boarded up. You’ve got to be fucking with me right now. Here it is like 10:00PM and I need to get the 10:20 train and I can’t even get food a few blocks away from Grand Central.

Like, what’d the shithead owner sell the building?  I walk by there and all I see is construction and asbestos warning signs. Well you know what? I hope the dude who sold the building gets fucking lung cancer or some shit. This is a crime against humanity! Because now I don’t have fatty assed shit food to eat before I go home. Fuck. Me.

You know where I had to go to eat tonight? Not 3 blocks away from Grand Central like the good times. Fucking 50th and 3rd Ave. That’s like 8 blocks away. So I go in there and ask for an iced tea because I’m grossly fat and soda will kill me. You know what they give me instead? Fucking diabetes. Sweet tea with like 98 grams of sugar. Assholes. Obviously, no one ever messed up my order by Grand Central in McDonalds or Wendys. Then I gobble down my food and walk like an asshole for 10 minutes to get back to the stupid assed station. Of course at this point, I feel like a load of shit because I’m walking with nasty assed food hastily shoved down my throat.

Ugh. No decency anymore.


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