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Amy Winehouse Is a Useless, Ugly, Untalented Trainwreck

June 23rd, 2011 1:44am Leave a comment

This fucking mess is all the rage on YouTube right now. Lots of videos have been posted of her whacked out of her mind on drugs and just being an ugly, sloppy mess. So I watched a few of them and it was utterly disgusting. Drugs or not, she’s legit awful. How can anyone like this gross ass cesspool? First off, she’s almost as ugly as Meg and second, she’s untalented.

This is karaoke gone wrong. She can’t even stay in rhythm. You have the audience singing the right way and she catches up like 2 seconds later. I guarantee you that I can go to any karaoke place in NYC and find a hot drunk mess 100 times better than this joker.

YouTube will probably delete these soon because UMI and her publicist are ceasing and desisting the crap out of them:



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