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MG Siegler Is Fucktarded+ (And Random Apple Rants)

July 22nd, 2011 2:42am Leave a comment

Fuck this dude MG Siegler. If you don’t know him, he’s a jackass Apple fanboy writer for TechCrunch. I wish I can ban this guy’s articles from my news feed, because they piss me off forever. This guy solely exists at TechCrunch to write three  types of articles:

  • How amazing Apple is, no matter what piece of shit they release.  (This is the reason I hate Apple Fanboys. I wouldn’t have a problem with Apple otherwise. Their products are pretty good actually. I just can’t use them because they’re too mainstream and people buy them as fashion statements. Fuck that noise. I feel like if I’ve been hating on Apple for so long that I’m forever ruined from getting Apple products because if I do, it makes me a hypocrite.) But I digress…
  • How shitty Android is
  • How evil Google is
Nothing else. This human has no other purpose on this planet except to whack off to Steve Jobs and urinate all over Google.
His latest blog entry rips on Google+ for not having proper support for brands and how they are assholes for banning profiles for brands and not people. . Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssseeee me, snobby. It’s a PROFILE. It’s for people. Brands shouldn’t use it. Asswad.

His Asshole Blog – Earlier today, Google+ made a move to ban all accounts not actually tied to people but instead tied to brands. This wasn’t surprising, they’ve been saying they were going to do this — it’s exactly why we never set up a TechCrunch account. Knowing this, Mashable created one anyway. And quickly amassed 100,000+ followers. Sure enough, Google banned the account this morning. But instead of that being the end of the story, Mashable changed the name and picture on the account to “Pete Cashmore”, the name of the CEO. Account restored. This goes beyond jackassery. This is fucktarded.

When Facebook launched, it was nothing but a wall and a profile, limited to people with .edu addresses. You have to start somewhere. Obviously they will be building brand pages soon. Fucking relax. Christ. I actually admire Google for keeping it simple at first. Test it out, see how it is perceived. Make sure it’s not a complete disaster like Wave or Buzz. Once it’s borderline successful, then add an API. Then add business pages. Then add apps. If you do too much at once, it will all be shitty.

PS – there’s rumor on the internets that Chinese bros are running knockoff Apple stores. Whatever. The Chinese pirate fucking everything. If it exists, the Chinese can will pirate it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hacked Google, mirrored all their servers and named it Baidu. Did you ever see screenshots of Baidu mail? It’s like Gmail 2.0.


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