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Google Needs to Get their UI Shit Together

November 3rd, 2011 12:55am Leave a comment

Fuck man… Google is starting to screw the hell up… Anyone see the new Gmail redesign? Looks like shit and a half. It’s buggy too. I legit found crazy UI bugs. Not only are the colors bland as shit, but the buttons are ridiculous and it’s impossible to find anything. Whatever happened to the simple days where everything was blue and nice looking.

Not that I use iOS, but I heard the new Gmail app was a complete flop and they had to pull it because it sucked so bad. They released it half assed and buggy. WOW…

Same with Google Reader… It’s like the UI designer just wanted to remove all colors and shit.  They’re basically taking these products and trying to make them look more like Google+ which no one uses anyway…

Get your shit together. Jesus…

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