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Firefox: Now Shittier than Internet Explorer (In terms of Security)

December 13th, 2011 7:47am Leave a comment

Lifehacker – A new Google-funded study of browser security by security research firm Accuvant Labs crowned Chrome the champion of security features, and ranked Firefox below Internet Explorer in terms of protection available from web-borne threats.

Welp, there you have it folks. Mozilla has gone the way of the shitter. I told you they were losing it over the years. Ever since that there Chrome came around, they were basically like “fuck it, we give up. Let’s just rapidly release like 6 versions in a row that have like 4 improvements each”

Chrome is the only browser that has a true sandbox, meaning that even if malicious code gets exploited, it has 0 access to your real computer. It’s good because it was built from scratch. Not built on top of Netscape from like 1997

Granted, this study is probably biased because Google paid for it. Microsoft paid for another one and said IE was more secure. Either way, I can attest to the fact that Firefox is a real insecure shitpile. One day on Windows XP a few months ago, I typed in youtube wrong and went to some rogue website and bam. Virus. Didn’t even install anything. It just buffer overflowed, executed remote code and that was it. I had to format. Another website I went to threw memory corruption errors in Chinese! What the f mang? How’d that happen? Obviously there’s some JS executing going on over there.

Ever since then, I have nothing to do with Windows XP and Chrome is my main browser.

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