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Keep Wasting Money, Shitheads

December 13th, 2011 5:19pm Leave a comment

Giz– How many drones can you lose in a month? Apparently not enough: the US Air Force lost another drone today, a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper, this time on the Seychelles. According to the US embassy in Mauritius: “a U.S. Air Force remote-piloted MQ-9 crashed at the Seychelles International Airport in Mahe. The MQ-9 was not armed and no injuries were reported.”

It crashed where? The Seychelles? Mahe? We have an embassy in where? Mauritius? The fuck is that? Let me get out my Google map…

I have some questions:

  1. Where the fuck are the Seychelles / Mahe? I’m well educated in geography and never heard of either.
  2. Why the fuck is a U.S drone flying around in some random assed place. We have no business
  3. How much did the drone cost. How about paying back our debt to China so they don’t take us over in 40 years instead of wasting millions of
  4. We should just let Asians build our technology. We obviously suck at life. Planes and shit can’t even stay in the air.

This is a waste of money. This fucking ignorant country needs to stop flying drones all around and crashing them, and instead start worrying about how shitty things are here. Like the fact that the Galaxy Nexus launched in like 9 other countries before here. This second world shithole…

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